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dog daily energy requirement calculator
Dog Daily Energy Requirement (DER) Calculator

Get the number of calories your dog needs per day for healthy living. The Calculator takes in all variables - age, lifestyle, body weight, weather/climatic condition, physiological state to give you accurate DER of your dog.

dog daily water requirement calculator
Dog Daily Water Requirement (DWR) Calculator

Get the amount of water your dog needs per day for healthy living. The Calculator takes in all variables - age, lifestyle and body weight to give you accurate DER of your dog. Overconsumption of water by your dog is a sign of illness.

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Supplements and Herbs for Your Dog's Health

homemade dog food supplement

Feeding your dog homemade food is all about giving her great whole customized food diet full of fresh, unprocessed ingredients.

But to really meet up with the nutritional requirement of your dog's food as specified by AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) there are some herbs and natural supplements you can add to the food.

For general dog's health support and optimization, the supplements are included along with our recipes.

For specific ailment, the herbs are put in categories according to diseases they are used for.

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